Checkin’ In

Hey ya’ll!! I’m still alive…I promise…though I might just be hanging on by the thread of a few crazy strings! I knew keeping up with a blog was going to be an entirely different game once our little girl arrived…and the challenges of being a working mom with a million hobbies has proved to be…well…difficult. There are lots of friends I haven’t seen, date nights that I haven’t been able to have, errands that don’t get run and small craft projects that just don’t get finished. And I’m learning…that it’s okay. I am also learning to just focus on the things that I truly love and that bring me peace and happiness…like playing and reading to my daughter, working on an occasional home project with my husband, spending the occasional Saturday visiting my favorite thrift stores with my husband or my parents. What also brings me happiness is my career. I thought that once I had a baby, that I’d have to give up on building up my professional life…but over the past year, with the loving support of my family, I’m able to have a happy balance. So…this year I’m also focusing on my design work, teaching and a few side projects.


So…where does that leave the blog? It’s still here and with a slight refresh. There are lots of fun home improvement things that we’ve been working on, as well as some fun family friendly antique treasures that have come and gone from our household. I’m going to probably write shorter posts about each of these things in the coming months…but there will be new articles coming!

Here are just a few things of inspiration lately:

Vintage inspired bathroom lighting updates!



Collecting Roseville Pottery!


Shopping for antique furniture casters for an antique wrought iron bed!


Giving wooden porch columns an updated facelift!


And a much much needed home office/man cave makeover!


Sweet sriracha! This room is frightening!

Sweet sriracha! This room is frightening!

So stay tuned…lots of fun stuff coming up this spring!

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