Q&A Corner

I feel so lucky that I get to constantly meet people who are passionate about their collections and treasures. If you have a special antique collection and would like to be featured on my blog, please drop me an email.

2014 Interviews

Q&A: Cabell Harris of WorkLabs

2013 Interviews

Q&A: Margo Arrick from Flea Market Syle

Q&A: Liz Ughetta of Bohland & Graham

2012 Interviews

Q&A: Jennifer Grey from The Old Painted Cottage

Q&A: Tess Shebaylo from Historic Church Hill

Q&A: Christine & Her Pennsylvania Home

Q&A: Olivia Lloyd, President of the Art Deco Society of Virginia

Q&A: Janet Coon of Shabby Fufu

Q&A: Ignatius Hats and Home

Q&A: Historical Costumes With The Cowboy Prince

Q&A: Skulls, Dental Cabinets and Design with Noah Scalin

Q&A: Antiquing in Lynchburg, VA with Kathy Brown

Q&A: Family Treasures with Ann Moncure-Williams and Mitch Williams.

Q&A: Rita Mattia’s Antique Photographs

Q&A: Amy Carannante of Fab Finds and Designs

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